Why You Should Always Use a Shower Filter

30 Mar

Do you love your skin? Believe me, the human skin is incredibly delicate and thus needs protection at all costs. As you shower, you might think you are doing your body a great service but you are not. Recall, our homes thrive because of the treated water supplied by the municipality. By default, the city water is full of chemicals which despite getting used to purify the liquid end up harming our bodies.

Without a shower filter, your skin might face a lot of irritation. If you have ever experienced itching after a shower, then it is because some of the chlorine in the water came into contact with your body. With the help of a filter, all toxins get eliminated rendering the water reaching your body harmless.

Chlorine goes beyond affecting your skin. After the long-term exposure to chlorine, your body readily absorbs the toxins. According to statistics, we absorb more chlorine into the body when showering than through drinking. Chlorine in its trace amounts is harmless. However, when the toxin percentage rises, your chances of developing cancer and other illnesses increases. Thus, a shower filter always comes in handy.

By all means, your body should never get into contact with chlorine. In as much as chlorine is an agent used to neutralize germs and bacteria in potable water, it is also a potential pollutant. During a hot bath, the heat from the water causes the chlorine to convert into Trihalomethane, a harmful byproduct known to destroy lives. Nonetheless, a shower filter or a handheld shower water filter can eliminate the compound from the water thus depriving the air of the pollutant. 

Generally, shower filters save you from developing a myriad of diseases. When you inhale chloroform and chloramines, your lungs and respiratory canals get irritated. If nothing gets done soon, you might suffer from illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. Since prevention is better than cure, it is always important that you use shower filters to handle your hygiene.

Showering should be refreshing. If you ever take a bath and still feel exhausted, know that you are showering in contaminated water. Chlorine, once it gets into your body, makes you feel fatigued. Additionally, your skin dries up then cramps together. As a young tuck, too much exposure to chlorine might make you look old enough to leave an inheritance. However, a water filter can avert the situation by doing away will all the chemicals in the water. Make sure you invest in an excellent filter to be on the safe side. Continue reading more about shower hygiene and heath measures here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/littlethingscom/10-shower-habits-that-you_b_9828388.html.

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